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Bathroom Reno Trends to Make a Statement

Bathroom designs have come a long way. From the ice cream-colours and wallpaper border applied in the 1980s to the bold and contemporary choices of the 2000s, styles continue to evolve while incorporating the latest materials...Here are some key trends to watch:


Modern bathrooms commonly feature unique applications of tile, which are popular because they are affordable and versatile. Options include "finger" tiles, which can be applied either vertically or horizontally.


Modern baths use a lot of black, white and gray. These moody neutrals are a style hit and can exude luxury and relaxation.


You can be original with what you place underfoot in your bathroom space. Ceramics, wood and natural stone are widely used in today's bath designs.


Rather than one main light source, multiple lighting fixtures that highlight key areas of the bathroom are popular today.

Natural elements.

Be sure to include green, living plants as part of your bathroom vibe. They add to the ambiance and bring life and oxygen to any space.

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