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Georgian Triangle Market Update - Biggest October Ever Pushes YTD Sales Over $900 Million!

Well, the pattern of robust sales, fewer listings and rising prices continued into October, the Georgian Triangle’s 31st consecutive record sales month.

Monthly dollar sales of $94,406,889 and units sales of 254 were up 21% and 8% respectively from 2015’s previous October’s highs of $78,033,768 and 235. With new listings down 7% and expired listings down 48% from last year, the month saw a superhigh 91% sales/listings ratio.

Turning to the year-to-date numbers, Graph 1 shows that 2016’s dollar sales of $906,794,825 are up 29% from 2015’s prior YTD record, and up 56% from 2014. And as Graph 2 shows, this year’s unit sales of 2439 are up 17% from last year’s prior YTD record of 2086, as well as up.

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