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Client Testimonials



"Dear Angiline & Rob, I've been told that I smile a lot, but our recent working relationship has kept an almost permanent grin on my face for all of my new neighbours & friends to see!  You both arrived at my doorstep several months ago at a time when I needed a firm but gentle hand to help me sell my home.  Angiline - you taught me many things, but de-cluttering was at the top of your list before we could proceed, Every idea you suggested Rob & Angiline just made perfect sense; you both kept me focused on important matters that a senior lady and recent widow would not have realized.  Shoveling snow, mending fences and helping me pack were just a few of the extras that I deeply appreciated. I am undoubtedly the #1 fan for this energetic, outstanding duo who not only represent their brokerage so well, but provide a most important service to everyone in this area. A happy ending was accomplished in just 2 months - what a lucky and grateful lady I am.”


Most Sincerely, Sharon Stone, Home Seller

Serving Collingwood, The Blue Mountains

 & Surrounding Area

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