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Why Choose Rob and Angiline as your Realtors®?




We are relentless whether it's marketing your property, or resolving issues during the buying process.




We focus on achieving the best deal for you, and serving your best interests at all times.




You benefit from two extremely energetic and organized realtors working for you.

Our motto: "We're on a Quest to Serve you Best". We have spent a lot of time getting to know all the different types of properties in the Collingwood, Blue Mountain and Georgian Bay area and all the things to do and see in this special place. We pride ourselves in providing great service by helping our clients through the entire buying or selling process, understanding individual property considerations such as wells and septics and nearby issues that might affect the value and enjoyment of a property. And to enable our clients to make informed decisions along the way leading to a successful purchase or sale, we help connect our clients with the best professionals in our area.

Serving Collingwood, The Blue Mountains

 & Surrounding Area

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